Broad Run Investment Management, LLC (“Broad Run”) is an SEC registered investment adviser located in Arlington, Virginia.  We are:

  • Independent
  • 100% employee-owned
  • Focused on a single investment strategy

As of December 31, 2017, Broad Run had $3.3 billion in client assets under management.

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The firm was founded in 2012 by Brian Macauley, David Rainey, and Ira Rothberg, its principal owners and portfolio managers. While Broad Run is a new entity, this team has worked together since 2004 applying the same investment approach.

The Broad Run Difference

  • Consistency: People, Philosophy,Process… The firm’s founders have worked together since 2004 applying the same investment philosophy and research process
  • Concentrated… We believe that great investments are rare, so we focus time and capital in our highest conviction ideas
  • Long-Term Horizon… With so many others focused on the short term, a long-term horizon provides perspective and opportunity
  • Proprietary Research… With a concentrated and low turnover portfolio, we can put more time into rigorous fundamental research on each idea
  • Cost Efficiency… Over the long-term, a low turnover approach should provide lower trading costs and more tax-efficient portfolios